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Product Description

Sweet Whey Powder : The milky powder obtained on spray drying of pasteurized whey.
Whey Protein Concentrate 80% : The concentrated whey powder with higher percentage of pure protein.
Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Instant : A spray dried, soluble protein manufactured from fresh cheese whey using an ultra filtration process.
Whey Protein isolate (90%) is a dietary supplement obtained by separating components from milk.
Fat Powder : Fat powder is the fine distribution of fat particles and is based on palm fat.
Lactose : The refined, crystallized milk sugar obtained from sweet whey.
Vital Wheat Gluten : It is a natural protein found in wheat.
Sweet Whey Powder : The milky powder obtained on spray drying of pasteurized whey.
MCT Oils : Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are generally made by processing coconut and palm kernel oils.
Isolate Soya Protein is the refined and purified form of soya protein with high protein content of about 90%.
Micceler Casein : A milk protein isolate got directly from fresh skimmed milk by filtration process which is instantised by addition of soy lecithin.
Calcium Caseinate : A protein produced from casein in skim and sometimes 1% milk.


Eggless cakes & muffin
Cookies & Biscuits
Bread, Buns & Pizza base
Toffees & Caramels
Boiled Sweets
Ready Meals
Sauces, Dressings & Condiments
Savoury Snacks
Seasoning & Masala Mixes
Ready to Cook
Ice Cream & frozen dessert
Powder Drink & dessert Mix
Yoghurt, cream, cheese & analogues
Protein Supplements
Weight Management Supplements

Key Benefits

Sweet Whey Powders replaces 30% to 100% of skimmed milk powder.
High nutritional values
Acts as a binder in food product.
Improves flavour, aroma and browning.
Lactose reduces sweetness.
MCT Oils are used as a flavour carrier and proven to have health benefits

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